In this diverse market place we provide a range of services that suits everyone’s unique needs and requirements. Below are just a few of the unique tailor-made services that we can offer for our clientele:-

Business Consultancy
This is a Business Mentoring service that looks at all of your business needs and creates an action plan in accordance to them. We then come up with innovation ways of resolving them.

This could be in the form of Strategic Plan, Cost Cutting or even General Business Counselling.

Project Management
Here we takeover new or existing projects with a structured time frame and delivery it with a turn key concept. All projects are given consideration no matter their size or budget.
The examples of projects that we can manage are:-
  • New concept setups
  • Restaurant refurbish & New Setups
  • Retails Setups
  • Food Product setups
Research & Development [ Top ]
On behalf of our clients we are able to use different sources of information in order to conduct ‘Research & Development’. This service is designed to give the client more time to conduct their other day to day business operations and still get that high quality research and development done.
This may be in the form of the follow:-
  • Feasibility studies
  • Customer research
  • Independent Review
  • Market Synopsis
  • Competitor analysis
Finance Raising
Through our corporate connections we are able to negotiate very competitive banking deals for our clients and also are able to raise finance for various ventures and commercial property purchases.
We are not just limited in providing a financial solution for the client’s business, through our unique contacts within the banking and financial services industry we can also assist the client is dealing with their own financial planning needs.
The product portfolio range will include:-
  • Commercial Finance for property purchase
  • Corporate Banking and Financing
  • Mini Hedge Fund
  • Equity Release
  • Private Equipment Releasing
Business Strategies
This is an analytic service that looks at all the businesses needs and with its’ internal management develops strategic policies for the future development and wellbeing of the organisation or company.
Here various analytic tools and reporting will be used such as, PEST analysis, SWOT analysis and STEEP analysis. In some cases a Six Sigma Black Belt will be used to look at lean management and production processes. The aim of the project would be to create Business Strategies that will last the business and make the business more cost competitive in today’s market place.
Market Development
Here we assist clients in introducing new products into the market place, be it into the United Kingdom or aboard. Grass root level research is done to ascertain customer demand then we assist the client in finding relevant agents or distributors to distribute their product within their target market.
Grant Search
Using the assistance of both local and national agencies, we are able to assist you in finding government assisted funding to enable you to fulfil that shortfall in completing your project.
We advise you in how you can apply for the grant and may also submit the grant application on your behalf. This can be a tailor made service that can meet to your business and personal timetable and needs.
We also provide a negotiation and litigation service on behalf of the client in order that they get the best deal in the market place. This is a hand’s on approach service where we will attend appointments and meetings with the client as and when they require. We are also able to get Industry Experts on board in relation to understanding a new market and getting more of an insight into its current value and demand.
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In this diverse market place we provide a range of services that suits everyone unique need and requirements.

Below are just a few of the unique tailor-made service that we can offer for our clientele:-

Euro Foods Group

Barking Project, we secured a £130,000 grant funding from London Development Agency.

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