In this diverse market place we provide a range of services that suits everyone unique need and requirements.

Below are just a few of the unique tailor-made service that we can offer for our clientele:-

Euro Foods Group

Barking Project, we secured a £130,000 grant funding from London Development Agency.

  • Instant Exchange
  • Masala Bazaar
  • Bite Express

    Interlink Business Consultancy is a new and innovative business consultancy that does not just thinks innovatively but it take’s the existing strengths of your organisation or business and assists you to utilise it!

    “It’s ‘Your Vision’, which ‘We’ HELP you to ‘Complete’, boundaries are Unlimited”

    By thinking ‘Outside the Box’, and being ‘Objective’ we can truly unleash the true potential of ones business or business idea.

    In order to complete your business vision, we just do not use the internal skills and experience of our consultancy but source in the best knowledge and experience within the market place in order to complete your vision.

    Quality, Professionalism and Innovation comes as standard.

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